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All you need to know to make an unforgetable touristic travel .....

Inside this Web Site, I would like you to discover this extraordinary country, located between Europe and America, a long way off everything. This civilisation is most advanced, with the latest engines of the Modern World. However the extraordinary landscapes you can find are well protected from industries, and even more, they are very various, from huge lunar lands to blue-tinted glaciers through evergreen hills. The sulfur omnipresence provides a yellow ochre tint everywhere in the island.
All of that and even much more makes Iceland a charming country.
The main information you'll find inside this Web Site are photographs we took during our trip around Iceland; we travelled on the only road suitable for motor vehicles, named road n°1. I made the choice to display good quality pictures, what explains that the loading delay of each page is a bit longer.
The landscapes inside the island are beautiful and you need a 4 wheels vehicle and an experienced conductor.
Then you'll find advises about the best way to travel, to sleep, to meet the inhabitants. Don't miss that.
We advice you to visit another Web site Domus2Domus to spend your holidays (in Iceland or anywhere else) in a different manner.

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